Baby Diaper Packaging Bag

Baby Diaper Packaging Bag

Baby diaper packaging bag ,Machanized operation ,factory price ,best quality .We can help you design work . Our material is 100% new , we have passed SGS and FDA certification .All spec. can be customized ,our printing is one of the top in south China .

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Baby diaper packaging bag


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Q1: Why do we need different kinds of plastics?

A:Copper,silver and aluminum are all metals, yet each has unique properties. We do not make a car out of silver or a beer can out of copper because the properties of these metals are not the best choice for final product. Likewise, while plastics are all related, each resin has attributes that make it best suited to a particular application. Plastics make this possible because as a material family they are so versatile.
Q2: How many days will sample be finished? And how about the mass production?A:Generally, 5-7 days for samples making. The lead time of mass production depend on quantity, production art, etc.Usually, 25-30 days for 50000pcs shopping bag.

Q3: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation ? 

A:We will offer you price referring to your detail request, please kindly inform us of the material, size, thickness,artwork design,quantity and other requirements you prefer. If necessary, we can also give some advice for your reference.

Q4: How are plastics made?

A: Most commercial plastics encountered by consumers consist of building blocks of carbon. Those building blocks are typically derived from petroleum or natural gas, but can be derived from coal or biological sources. The building blocks of small molecules are called monomers. The monomers used are many and can be combined in various combinations to achieve special properties and characteristics. The nature of the polymer science is such that the monomers must be very pure to make useful plastics. Plastics can be made at very high pressures using gases, in solvents or liquid emulsions, or as melted materials. Each plastic has preferred manufacturing techniques based on its specific chemistry. All successful chemical syntheses are characterized by purification of raw materials, reuse of surplus material, efficient conversion of materials to useful plastic, efficient use of energy, and minimized releases of byproducts to the environment.


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