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Price Of Plastic Raw Material Is Rising Like Rocket
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Cost of Plastic Raw Material is Rising Sharply 

This year, the impact of the entire flexible packaging industry is the soaring prices of raw materials, which are basically chemical products and are petrochemical by-products. Among them, plastic is the most basic and most prominent variety. Its price changes have directly affected the price trend of soft-packed products this year and even affected the fate of many flexible packaging companies. In the case of polyethylene, the price has risen step by step since the beginning of the year (see the chart below). It is only a short small repetition after the Spring Festival in February, and it has entered a fast-rising channel after March. This trend is in June and July. To achieve the level of madness, taking LDPE as an example, this year's cumulative increase reached 50%, the highest impact of 15,000 yuan / ton, and individual varieties even reached 16,000 yuan / ton, this surprising increase is not a hundred years.

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