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Kraft Paper Bag Type
- Jun 20, 2018 -

1: According to the material can be divided into: a. pure kraft paper bag; b. paper aluminum composite kraft paper bag (cattle

Various kraft paper bags sample display

Various kraft paper bag sample display (15 photos)

Leather paper composite aluminum foil); c: woven bag compound kraft paper bag (generally larger bag size)

2: According to the bag type can be divided into: a. three sides sealed kraft paper bag; b. the accordion kraft paper bag; c. free standing kraft paper bag; d. zipper kraft paper bag; e. self-standing zipper paper bag

3: According to the bag type appearance can be divided into: a. valve pocket; b. square bottom bag; c. seam bottom bag; d. heat sealing pocket; e. heat sealing square bottom bag

Performance parameters

Applicable type: one-time use

Shape: Flat pocket, open bottom pocket, square bottom valve pocket, pouch pocket (for food packaging)

Material: Polypropylene, kraft paper, aluminum foil

Filling amount: 0.2KG―50KG

Sewing method: paper cover, heat sealing bottom, paste bottom.

Lining: Lining paper, inner film bag