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Food Packaging Bags Physical And Mechanical Properties
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Including tensile strength, elongation at break, it reflects the ability of the product to withstand stretching during use. If this item fails, the food packaging bag will be easily broken and damaged during use.

In addition, it also includes gas barrier properties such as gas permeation, oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and medium resistance; the peel strength of bags, the pressure resistance and drop resistance of bags, etc. These indicators reflect the The reliability of the inner packaging protection.

The processing of plastic film bags must go through the process of heating, and the plastics have problems of cracking, oxidation, degradation, and deterioration when they are heated. Therefore, when processing plastic films or bags with resins, add antioxidants to the resin. Heat stabilizers and other additives. Some packaging film bags also require antistatic, anti-condensation, and high-slip due to the packaging process and mechanical or content requirements. Therefore, additives such as antistatic agents, anti-fogging agents, lubricants, and opening agents must be added. All of these additives are first tested by GB15139 "Food Safety Toxicology Evaluation Procedure" to prove that they can be used without toxicity, but there is also a limit to the amount of added substances. Therefore, in the product, these low-molecular-weight substances that can be extracted, that is, evaporation residue, or something that can be oxidized and degraded, that is, the consumption of potassium permanganate cannot exceed the prescribed amount, and cannot be used if it exceeds the prescribed amount. . Therefore, there must be corresponding sanitary standards for molded products. The purpose is to prevent the abuse and abuse of additives. It is better to ensure that the materials that are directly packaged and contacted with food have a high degree of hygienic safety performance.