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Film Also Known As Film
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Film, also known as film, film, is an imaging device. The film that is widely used today is to apply silver halide to a polyacetate film base. This film is soft and can be rolled into a whole roll for easy use. When light is irradiated on the silver halide, the silver halide turns into black silver and is fixed on the substrate after the development process, becoming a common black-and-white negative film. Color negatives are coated with three layers of silver halide to represent the three primary colors. In addition to the negatives, there are positive and negative imaging films, and so on.

Use and purchase

In tourism photography, it is most common to use ISO100 film. Film prices in foreign countries are more expensive than those in the country. Therefore, traveling abroad tends to bring more film, and it should not be less. However, since more and more international aviation hubs after September 11 have adopted high-power X-ray scanning equipment, the threat to the film is also growing.

When purchasing a film, you must check whether the film expires. The film should be protected from moisture and heat, and immediately sent to a professional printing company for flushing. In order to stabilize the effect, it is best to fix it with a professional printing company.

Different film brands, the color temperature will be different, it is best to try a variety of subjects in accordance with the subject of the film, and then select the film to meet the needs. Of course, it is also feasible to refer more to the experience of others.