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2018 International Beauty Expo In Bangkok, Thailand
- Sep 14, 2018 -

2018 international beauty expo in Bangkok, Thailand


Exhibition time: September 20-22, 2018

Exhibition venue: Bangkok IMPACT exhibition centre

The exhibition will be held once a year

Exhibitor category:

Personal care, skin care, makeup & makeup tools, perfume, OEM& raw materials, machinery & packaging equipment, SPA operators, herbal & health, hair products & tools, nail products, wigs and accessories. Various beauty, maintenance, health equipment and equipment, SPA supplies, professional salon equipment and equipment.

About the exhibition:

BEYOND BEAUTY EVENTS has hosted various BEAUTY and perfume peaks BBS since 2003, and is active in the BEAUTY and Spa industry. Its main exhibition project is Creative BEAUTY Paris (it has been held for 15 years).

Cosmeeting Paris, one of the world's great beauty fairs China beauty expo in Shanghai, SPAMEETING Asia

Business conventions and many business conferences held around the world. At the same time we also believe that the organizers invited buyers and publicity efforts, will be collected from the five beauty industry professionals (beauty and cosmetics, Spa & -, herbal medicine and health, hair and nail, OEM & packaging) the fair, at the same time also will hold the fourth international Spa and health conference (WSWC), the total area will reach 9000 square meters.

The exhibition by the health and beauty industry park, Thai industrial association and all the beauty industry association of Thailand's main support, aimed at improving the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) and the international image of the beauty industry, for the asia-pacific region the exhibitors to provide a perfect platform for the display, the last exhibition for the industry to provide a truly asean regional beauty market opportunities. Asean has a market size of over 14 billion us dollars with a population of 600 million. The growth of average income and the improvement of economic environment make the southeast Asian market the cradle of small and medium-sized beauty enterprises. At the same time for local enterprises and foreign exhibitors to build a bridge to provide opportunities to expand the asean market.

Last data:

Beyond Beauty Asean Bangkok was successfully held in Bangkok IMPACT convention and exhibition center from September 21 to 23, 2017, presenting a new trend of Beauty products, cosmetic processing, hair, salon supplies and Spa, and health care products. The exhibition also attracted 664 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions increased by 55% (2016), 13098 professional audience, visiting exhibition area of 23000 square meters, the exhibitors are mainly from Thailand, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, myanmar (Burma), the large international beauty expo in Thailand.

Market analysis:

Improve visibility in Thailand and asean market, at the same time with local agencies and international organizations to establish potential cooperation, communication industry information, the establishment of a single asean market and encourage asean trade, with the benefit from for multinational companies and industry professionals to provide a platform, the continued growth of cosmetology market spread to increasingly affluent urban middle class and the young will your products are sold to more than 600 million of population, per capita income has steadily increased the asean market. Close access to the fast-growing asean beauty industry - the asean market's turnover has nearly tripled in the past five years, from $4 billion to $13.75 billion. As the first beneficiaries of asean's future economic integration, from 2015, asean community countries will adopt a zero-tariff policy. To provide a perfect platform for multinational companies to increase their market share in asean, providing unlimited communication and business development opportunities. One-stop trading platform, providing trade information and consulting services, matchmaking activities, business exchange meetings, product and manufacturer data analysis meetings in Thailand and asean to help find suitable trading partners. Make joint efforts with Thai and asean enterprises to strengthen regional business cooperation and give full play to the potential to make the brand more competitive. Kill two birds with one stone and promote new business in Thai market and asean market at the same time. As a potential market, Asia can bring a large number of new customers.