Kraft Paper Zip Lock Bags

Kraft Paper Zip Lock Bags

What materials is a paper bag actually composed of? The most popular material for paper bags is Kraft paper, which is manufactured from wood chips. Originally conceived by a German chemist by the name of Carl F. Dahl in 1879, the process for manufacturing Kraft paper is as follows: the wood chips are exposed to intense heat, which breaks them down into solid pulp and byproducts. Then the pulp is screened, washed, and bleached, taking its final form as the brown paper we all recognize. This pulping process makes Kraft paper particularly strong (hence its name, which is German for “strength”), and thus ideal for carrying heavy loads.

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Kraft Paper Zip lock Bags

Advantage of kraft paper candy stand up bags  

Kraft paper candy stand up bags that Keep Your Treats Tasty

Candy and chocolate are special treats with special packaging requirements. To make sure that your customers get the goodies they deserve, your products’ packaging must withstand the wear and tear of shipping, storage, delivery, and shelving. Candy and chocolate have many natural enemies – punctures, moisture, temperature, odors, and more – so packaging that protects is absolutely critical.

We understand what it takes to make exceptional chocolate and candy packaging. By using multiple layers of kraft paper and barrier film , diverse materials from Mylar to foil, and features like ziplocks, hang holes, tear notches, and gas release valves, we guarantee that your treats stay tasty.

Custom Packaging for Mouth-Watering Results

In a crowded market like candy and chocolate, it’s imperative that your packaging is as enticing as the treats that it protects. with a personalized bag that showcases your unique sweets.

Kraft paper stand up bags are used extensively for packaging candy . The structure of the laminated films protects the kraft paper stand up  bags while the design of the pouch when these films are folded and sealed together creates a stable unit that can stand effectively. 

Barrier films by themselves aren’t extraordinary. However, when they are laminated together, they create incredible barrier properties that will keep the candy tasty, and kraft paper candy stand up bags will be very sturdy and strong. kraft paper stand up bag will protect your candy from moisture, oxygen, odor, vapor, light, and puncture.

Your customers may not know the mechanics behind their kraft paper candy stand up bags, but we're certain they'll appreciate it.

The wide face of the kraft paper candy stand up bag on the front and back provides lots of room for your company message as part of an applied label or better yet as a custom printed kraft paper stand up pouch. Krapft Stand bags can be custom printed up to 5-9 colors which will display your tea pouches on a retail store shelf like never before. Available features for kraft paper candy stand up pouches include heavy duty ziplocks or zipseals, tear notches, hang holes, pour spouts, and even gas release valves.

In regards to custom printing, once artwork is approved, your printed stand up bags for tea pouches are ready in 2-3 weeks. Best of all, we have the unique ability to custom print kraft paper candy stand up bags with run quantities as low as 10000 pieces,Normally our MOQ should be 50000 pcs , but for the first trial order , we can accept the smaller quantities .

Regarding the custom printing , Our design team with over 15 years of successful packaging experience can provide your product with the best fitting kraft paper stand up bags with the right barrier properties and the highest impact visually at the total lowest cost.

No matter which style you choose, we’ll help you create candy packaging that delivers a delicious product and definite results. From individually kraft paper candy stand up bags to bulk candy , your stand up bags  will make mouths water and profits grow. 

you've lost. This is simply unacceptable, and that's why our vegetable juice pouches are created with the finest in technology. Why settle for poor packaging when it could destroy the business you've worked so hard to create?


Kraft Paper zipper bags


PET/AL/PE,PET/PE,BOPP/Kraft Paper/PE etc or Cutomized


Custom based on customer's requirement


Custom based on customer's requirement


Custom based on customer's requirement,up to 10 col

Product Usage



ROHS,EU Standard ,Non Toxic ink

Delivery Time

Normally within 15 days after receipt of payment

Oringing Place

Guangzhou China


10,000,000 pcs/Month


30,000 pieces

Company Profile




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Q1: Why do we need different kinds of plastics?

A:Copper,silver and aluminum are all metals, yet each has unique properties. We do not make a car out of silver or a beer can out of copper because the properties of these metals are not the best choice for final product. Likewise, while plastics are all related, each resin has attributes that make it best suited to a particular application. Plastics make this possible because as a material family they are so versatile.

Q2: What's your product range?

Our Main products are Stand Up Zip Lock Bag,Die Cut Shopping Bag,Header Bag,Aluminium Foil Bag,Food Packaging Bag,Printed Packaging Film.Our products are all LEAD/AZO/CADMIUM free.


Q3: How do you ship the finished products?
-By sea. 
-By air. 
-By DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, etc.

Q4: How are plastics made?

A: Most commercial plastics encountered by consumers consist of building blocks of carbon. Those building blocks are typically derived from petroleum or natural gas, but can be derived from coal or biological sources. The building blocks of small molecules are called monomers. The monomers used are many and can be combined in various combinations to achieve special properties and characteristics. The nature of the polymer science is such that the monomers must be very pure to make useful plastics. Plastics can be made at very high pressures using gases, in solvents or liquid emulsions, or as melted materials. Each plastic has preferred manufacturing techniques based on its specific chemistry. All successful chemical syntheses are characterized by purification of raw materials, reuse of surplus material, efficient conversion of materials to useful plastic, efficient use of energy, and minimized releases of byproducts to the environment. 



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