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Tea bag use
- Jun 20, 2018 -


1. The swelling of the ice helps the swelling of the edema eye. However, because it is more irritating, the elasticity of the skin around the eyes becomes poor, so this method is best not to use every day.

2. Warm against dark circles, a slightly higher temperature can promote blood circulation around the eyes to improve the dark circles formed by poor circulation. However, note that the temperature should not be too high to prevent the formation of fine lines.

3. Ice tea bags are generally used in the morning, warm tea bags are generally used at night, and after applying warm tea bags, apply some moisturizing eye cream, the effect will be doubled.

4. Green tea is generally used. Green tea contains antioxidant ingredients. Do not use black tea, especially overnight, because the ingredients in black tea can easily degenerate after being left in the air for a long time.


In fact, in European countries, bathing with Huaguo Tea has long formed a tradition. The rich vitamin C and E in the flower and fruit help skin whitening and anti-aging. In addition, Huaguo tea is slightly acidic after brewing, and has little effect on skin irritation, and it also has an effect on changing the water hardness in the north.

Add an unflavored flower and fruit tea bag to the bathtub and soak in the body for 15 minutes.

Other uses

In addition to shoe odor materials: waste stockings or sand, rubber bands, drink the rest and dry the tea. Put dried tea into used stockings. In addition to the shoe odor of small tea bags will be done, and finally after taking off the shoes every day, put the small tea bag into the shoes inside, wear the shoes the next day and then out, so the shoes inside the taste will disappear . Mr. Ke also suggested that after the tea bags are used every day, they should be taken to a ventilated place for drying, so that the tea bags can be reused, and the effect of adsorbing shoe odors is also obvious.

When cleaning the oil of the tableware, wipe it with a tea bag before washing. This can save the amount of dishwashing essence. Tea has the effect of oil absorption and oil removal. If the dishes are not very greasy, even after the tea bag is wiped, it is not necessary to use dishwashing detergent. It is natural and does not hurt the hand!